A true study center, it is the Project Area of SEA OCEAN INDUSTRY.

This is where opportunities arrived at the incubator are analyzed, mapped on a national and international scale, initial market research is done, and finally the Project is created.
Generally, the Project is about internationalization of a specific product aimed at selling abroad.
The role of Progetti is also to open new markets by promoting the product on platforms (marketing or on “islands”) by selecting, in agreement with the Client, the countries suitable for widespread penetration.
Progetti, uses the PS Alliance Department for drafting and signing contracts and for opening the Company on site; it also offers useful services, such as the creation of the website, the choice of media for advertising the product, launch events, gadgets, promotional dinners, and prize competitions.

If you are a distributor or food company, please read the brochure below and request more information from: alliance@pernasaudit.com